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How to Create Nonprofit Brand Ambassadors

When Kate Middleton wore a blue dress to announce her engagement to Prince William, the dress sold out within hours. The company producing the dress almost went bankrupt trying to meet the overwhelming demand of new customers. This iconic moment serves as a potent reminder for nonprofit marketers: people trust other people far more than they trust ads or social media messages.

Years of exposure to advertisements and the disappointment that often follows have made consumers skeptical of marketing claims. This skepticism extends to the nonprofit sector as well. A study conducted by AdWeek found that 74% of consumers consider word-of-mouth recommendations as crucial influencers in their purchasing decisions. So, how can nonprofits leverage this trust and turn their supporters into brand ambassadors? Let's explore some strategies.

1. Create a Pleasant Digital Experience

In today's digital age, the first step in engaging potential brand ambassadors is to ensure that their experience with your nonprofit's website is seamless and pleasant. When visitors come to your site, make it easy for them to understand what your nonprofit is doing, its impact, and how they can get involved. For donors, simplify the donation process by using user-friendly online donation platforms. Consider investing in a platform that provides a smooth user experience to delight your donors.

For volunteers, provide clear information about upcoming events and how they can participate. Adding a Google Calendar to your website can make it easy for volunteers to view and join events. For users seeking assistance from your nonprofit, ensure they can easily find case studies showcasing how you can help them and provide clear communication channels for quick access to support.

2. Encourage Sharing and Showcasing

People enjoy sharing their involvement in meaningful causes. Encourage your supporters to share their experiences and showcase their engagement with your nonprofit. Here are some ideas to promote sharing:

  • Create a unique hashtag for your events and ask participants to take selfies or pictures while volunteering, using the hashtag on their preferred social media platforms.

  • Request permission to share donors' contributions and craft clever calls to action to inspire others to donate.

  • Run self-starter fundraising campaigns and motivate participants to use their social media accounts to spread the word. Provide a how-to guide to make it easier for them to promote your cause.

  • Hire a videographer for your next event and ask attendees to share a brief testimonial about the event's meaning to them.

By encouraging sharing and showcasing, you tap into the power of social influence, as people are more likely to trust and engage with causes their peers endorse.

3. Engage and Re-engage

To maintain a strong relationship with your supporters and transform them into brand ambassadors, it is crucial to keep them feeling involved and inspired. After someone donates or volunteers, they often experience a sense of fulfillment and the desire to do more. However, over time, these feelings may fade if not nurtured. Here are some strategies to engage and re-engage your supporters:

  • Develop a meaningful follow-up strategy for donors. We are ensuring that following up with them is just as important as securing the donation in the first place. Consider sending personalized thank-you notes, progress updates, and impact stories to keep them connected to your cause.

  • Pay attention to your email newsletters. Make sure they are engaging and provide valuable content. Consider reaching out to volunteers and users through social media platforms for a more personal touch.

  • Continuously find ways to create a sense of community and involvement. Host events, webinars, or workshops that provide opportunities for your supporters to connect and deepen their engagement with your nonprofit.

Remember, the key is to make it easy for people to talk about your nonprofit and actively engage with your cause. Instead of being pushy with your message, focus on satisfying the needs of your users and reminding them of the importance of your motivation. By doing so, you'll cultivate a network of brand ambassadors passionate about spreading the word about your nonprofit.

In conclusion, nonprofits can harness the power of brand ambassadors to amplify their reach and impact. By creating a pleasant digital experience, encouraging sharing and showcasing, and continuously engaging and re-engaging supporters, nonprofits can foster a community of advocates who will champion their cause. In a world where trust is paramount, the influence of brand ambassadors cannot be underestimated. So, focus on building genuine connections, and watch as your nonprofit's message resonates and spreads far and wide.

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