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Who We Are

An entity built to empower nonprofits, Digital For Nonprofits works towards bridging the social divide, digitally.

We digitize nonprofits to promote mission awareness and fundraising which creates sustainable growth. Our goal is to make nonprofits more self-reliant using technology grants and digital marketing.  


Despite the pandemic, with roughly $10Bn available annually via private philanthropy and CSR budgets, a significant portion of given money remains unspent every year. A significant barrier in making nonprofits drive desired impact using these funds is digitization, which is what we aim to solve.


Private Funds raised for the social sector in India (INR ‘000 crore)


In the fiscal year 2020, private-sector funding totaled about INR 64,000 crore—close to 23% more than in the fiscal year 2019. On average, in the previous years, about 10% to 15% of this fund remains unspent.

At Digital For Nonprofits, we believe that one uber solution which could address this disconnect is digitization.

We did an exhaustive study of the top 150 nonprofits in India and found that nearly 70%  scored really low on digital maturity. From our sample set, 70% of nonprofits had a website load time of greater than 3 seconds. The same number had not activated any tech grants, and less than 50% had working payments infrastructure and optimized content assets.


By utilizing tech grants to improve assets, outreach, and fundraising, we develop solutions for self-sufficiency while also providing up to 80% savings in tech costs. This allows nonprofits to focus on their mission awareness and fundraising. Our aim is to drive awareness for technology grants and help nonprofits acquire, deploy, and optimize these resources.

About The Founder

Abhinav Chetan has over 15 years of experience working with Google across operations, automation, and product solutions and has worked with large brands, start-ups, and nonprofits across the US, UK, and India. Recently, he got recognized as among the top 40 under 40 marketers in India by Business World. He also served as disaster management and google for nonprofits coordinator. During that time, he worked with multiple nonprofits and saw technology drive a massive impact for them. This was the genesis for Digital For Nonprofits. He now brings this diverse skill set to enable nonprofits to become more self-reliant. He is also a trained yoga teacher and an avid reader who has a keen interest in books and equity trading.

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