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Museum of Art and Photography

Digitizing a museum whose mission is to democratise art, making it as fun and relatable to everyone as possible

MAP, a virtual museum, opened its doors to its physical museum in early 2023 in the heart of Bengaluru. We partenered with MAP to accelerate their digital presence and engage audiences with their offerings. 

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MAP India users are from Grant Ads


increase in hyperlocal visits with GMB


MAP USA users are from Grant Ads


Ad and Tech Grants activated


Growth in Social Media Followers


Capability-building sessions conducted


Enabling the shift from offline to online with technology grants, digital marketing, and operational efficiency.   

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Created a robust tech infrastructure by unlocking tech grants from Canva, Grammarly, Slack, Adobe, and Google. In addition, conducted several capability-building sessions across digital platforms.

Asset 21_2x.png

Amplified outreach online through new channels of communication, like, newsletters, and Google My Business, and optimised existing ones through SEO and content.

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Scaled traffic globally and drove users using ad grants to get traction for programs and engage audiences. Enabled measurement across platforms with a multi-channel user view.


By accelerating digital presence as the physical museum in Bengaluru was launched, MAP was able to engage with a large audience and establish an online footprint.


"Digital For Nonprofits not only helped us acquire and implement tech grants, but also helped us build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy."

Shaina Jagtiani

Head - Communications & PR, MAP

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