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Google For Nonprofits helps you spread the word about your nonprofit’s mission, engage new supporters, and improve fundraising in more ways online. Digital For Nonprofits will enable you to acquire, implement, and optimize these grants.

With the Google for Nonprofits grants, you can:

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Raise awareness and improve fundraising for your nonprofit

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Drive more website visits, engagement, and donations

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Digitize your nonprofit with workspace communication tools

Google Ad Grants
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Google For Nonprofits

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Google Ads Grant


Ad account credits per month

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Google Workspace


Google Workspace Accounts

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YouTube Nonprofit


Global MAU Reached on YouTube

*Increased limits available subject to utilization and adherence to policies

How Digital For Nonprofits helps you activate these grants

We help qualified nonprofits* acquire the Google For Nonprofits grant which gets them USD 10,000 of ad credits per month, 10 workspace accounts, and YouTube creator tools. 

With this tech, we advertise to your audience globally and set up a world-class communications suite for your organization.

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We assess your eligibility for the Google For Nonprofits grants

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We help you apply for, acquire, and activate these grants

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We help you to use the grants to grow your outreach


How Google For Nonprofits Has Helped Other Nonprofits

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Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger uses Google tools to easily collaborate across the globe and garner lifesaving donations.

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Charity: Water

Social, analytic, and optimization tools from Google are helping Charity: Water educate supporters.

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Direct Relief

Direct Relief is using Google tools to reach more supporters, remove barriers to giving, and visualize its impact.


How Digital For Nonprofits Has Helped Other Nonprofits

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 11.05_edited.jpg

Sivandana Yoga Centre

Our flagship project, Sivandana Yoga Centre, comprises a 60-year-old journey that was brought online in just 6 weeks with the onset of COVID-19.


SEWA Bharat

Building a strong digital footprint, we helped SEWA Bharat work towards attaining long-term digital efficiency for its women-led enterprises.

Partner with Us

Partner with us to avail the Google For Nonprofits grants and use them optimally. If you are a nonprofit that currently has the Google For Nonprofits grant, we can help you realize its full potential.

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