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Technology grants are one-time or periodical grants that help eligible nonprofits bridge the gap by equipping them with the necessary resources for digitization.

They make essential tools available to eligible nonprofits* that help:

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Improve efficiency and fundraising

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Streamline communication and day-to-day operations

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Increase mission awareness and augment impact

*Technology grants are subject to specific eligibility criteria and are subject to constant reviews and strict guidelines.

Digital For Nonprofits Grants Ecosystem*

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*All names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Primary Technology Grants

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With GSuite and other services offered at discounted prices, it enables access to secure, collaborative software that addresses the challenges of finding new donors and volunteers, working more efficiently and getting supporters to take action.

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Enabling eligible organizations with grants and discounts for its cloud services & on-premises software, local Microsoft offices also hold training events to help nonprofits better understand and optimize the tech for their organizations. 

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With dedicated solutions to raise awareness and streamline fundraising, nonprofits can utilize Meta's own payment platforms free of cost to raise donations on their own FB page or even via supporters on behalf of the organization. 

Partner with Us

We are always looking for new technology partners to bolster the efficiency of nonprofits. By partnering with us, you can ensure greater adoption of your products and services across industries, while furthering CSR efforts.

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