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Aarti For Girls

Empowering a future where over three decades 6,000 children found nurturing care and more than 800 girls now receive education, annually.

Since 1992, Aarti for Girls has been dedicated to providing education, shelter, and a nurturing environment to underprivileged girls in India. With a focus on combating gender discrimination and fostering self-sufficiency Aarti for Girls operates a school, a vocational training center and a and shelter home. Our partnership aims to enhance their digital outreach and resource mobilization to support and expand their life-changing programs.

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India users are from Grant Ads


Ads & Tech Grants Activated


USA users are from Grant Ads


growth in time spent on website


funds raised through digitization


Growth in Social Media Channels' Followers


Boosting engagement and impact through tech grants, a robust communications strategy and Gen AI driven content creation. 

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Developed a comprehensive digital infrastructure, utilizing targeted digital advertising to drive program awareness and engage a broader audience.

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Expanded digital communication through newsletters and utilized Generative AI for creating rich, varied content, ensuring a consistent brand voice and tone across social media platforms. 

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Implemented cross-platform analytics for tracking and insights. Developing a digital-first culture by leveraging technology grants and streamlining operations. 


Aarti for Girls is harnessing digitization through Ad Grants & Generative AI to promote awareness about their mission of bridging the gender divide. Over 50% of Aarti For Girls visitors in India and the USA are Ad Grants driven and they also raised $40,000 through this channel. Each step in their digital journey is vital in empowering more girls and garnering wider support for their vision.

As more people learn about Aarti for Girls' mission, the organization is building a strong community of supporters. This increasing awareness is not only broadening their reach but is also strengthening their commitment to enabling every girl to thrive and achieve her potential. Digital is now central to their growth and vision going forward. 


Bridge The Gap Today!

Start your journey towards digital maturity. 

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