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Sivananda Yoga Ashram

Bringing yoga to everyone by digitizing a 60-year-old yoga ashram.

Enabling Sivananda Yoga Ashram to move online & spread yoga to a larger audience. More recently, Covid brought all operations to a halt, and in 6 weeks, Sivananada Yoga Ashram was able to digitize most of their offerings and bring them online. Read the case study on Google Arts & Culture here.



growth in active users


traffic comes from ad grants


clicks driven from ad grants

During COVID

classes offered over six weeks



online class attendees


class views


Enabling the shift from offline to online with technology grants, digital marketing, and operational efficiency.   

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Created a robust tech infrastructure by aggregating nonprofit grants from Google, Microsoft, Razorpay and Zoom to create, manage and promote online classes and payments

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Secured software grants from Canva & Grammarly which supported the creation of content for the online offerings.

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Scaled outreach globally and driving traffic using ad grants which helped get traction for programs and engage audiences. Added measurement across platforms to have a multi-channel user view.


From having a nascent presence online Sivananda Yoga Ashram now has a robust offering on digital which is delivered across different formats and platforms. This was accelerated by Covid where in 6 weeks they built a fully digital identity. Aided by technology grants and digital expertise, Sivananda Yoga Ashram was able to make yoga more accessible to all.


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