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How technology is transforming the nonprofit sector

Technology is key to improving the efficiency of any nonprofit organization. Operating on tight budgets, with sparse resources selecting and implementing the right technology can drive innovation, operational efficiency, and even transform fundraising for nonprofits.

Access to smart technology for nonprofits is growing day by day. We’ve identified key challenges facing the sector and discussed how the right technology can address them:

1. Awareness:

Among the biggest challenges facing nonprofits is a lack of awareness. Technology can help create a dedicated online content calendar and provide a responsive mobile optimized website along with ad credits that can aid your organization's discoverability.

You can reach a wider audience while deploying fewer resources.

2. Fundraising:

With digitization comes transparency, we all want to know where our money is being spent. Technology is now available for nonprofits to automate information about donation collection, and usage, which helps build long-term trust and loyalty with donors. With multiple payment platforms that are quick, and easy to manage, nonprofits can now raise funds and manage operations with more ease than before.

Handling finances digitally can save help earn and save more money.

3. Operational Efficiency:

Technology gives you the freedom to automate backend processes that have been slowing down efficiency. With nonprofits often lacking manpower, manual exercises take up valuable time and money offline. Technology can help automate processes even in remote areas where traveling and offline communication is tedious and difficult.

From manual to automatic, technology can help your organization cruise more efficiently.

We recognize that there are barriers to adopting and implementing new technologies. Necessary training is required across organizations and more understanding is needed on choosing the right technology and acquiring it at a reasonable cost. There is also ample skepticism towards adopting digital approaches that are constantly evolving.

However, with a well-defined, scalable, and transparent digitization plan, nonprofits can become more self-reliant.

At Digital for Nonprofits, we’re focused on identifying, guiding, and working with you to adopt the right tools and technology that can help your organization better serve its purpose.

Read more about how nonprofits are tackling challenges that implementation of technology brings and working towards digital maturity with Digital for Nonprofits.


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