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SEWA Bharat

Digitizing a grassroots organization to strengthen the movement of women workers in the informal economy.

SEWA Bharat has a strong pan India presence since its inception in 1984 but had low digital reach and multiple underutilized online assets. We partnered with them to improve mission awareness and accelerate online fundraising with an aim to catalyze organizational growth.

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attendees across multiple capability building sessions



overall traffic driven by grants


 SEWA orgs using our digital marketing best-practice guidance


LinkedIn & newsletter


SEWA action centers activated on Google My Business


Enabled digital presence by acquiring and integrating technology grants as digital solutions along with extensive capability building across the organization.

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Conducted in-depth analysis of SEWAs existing digital assets and charted a growth plan in line with the organization’s existing programs & priorities, starting with revamping the website, SEO, and introducing analytics.

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Implemented a sound tech infrastructure by aggregating grants from 10+ Technology Companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Canva, Grammarly, Zoom, Slack, Razorpay, and Mailchimp among others to streamline organizational communication and productivity. 

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Leveraged Google Ads grant to advertise SEWA's cause globally and promote their digital properties using best practices. Introduced innovations like Heat Map analytics, Chabot, and language-translation capability.


By optimizing SEWA Bharat's digital footprint, using tech grants, digital tools, and capability building, we enabled long-term digital efficiency for the organization and its network of enterprises.


"Digital for Nonprofits is in fact a partner for our growth. They have partnered with us to bring in technology to help informal sector women at the base of the pyramid."

Renana Jhabvala

Chairperson, SEWA Bharat

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