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Edition 8: Artificial Intelligence for nonprofits, Mailchimp for email marketing & education for underprivileged children

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Digital for Nonprofits' newsletter! This edition features a trending topic on how artificial intelligence can enhance the impact of nonprofits, along with a focus on Mailchimp as a tool for streamlined email marketing. Our nonprofit case study highlights iMpower's innovative approach to education for children in the labor camps of Gurgaon. Finally, we showcase the DCM Shriram Foundation's Mobile Medical Unit, which provides healthcare services to underprivileged people in rural Uttar Pradesh. Stay informed and inspired with our newsletter for nonprofits.

Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofits

We have talked about how artificial intelligence can be used by nonprofits, but if you have missed our posts, here is a good starter article. Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations can be a game-changer for nonprofits looking to enhance their impact. AI has the potential to streamline administrative tasks, improve communication with donors and volunteers, and even enhance program offerings. With various AI tools and platforms, nonprofits can tailor their approach to their unique needs. Although the technical aspects of AI may seem daunting, with the proper guidance and support, nonprofits can easily incorporate these tools to manage data better, predict outcomes, and personalize outreach. Learn more about this here.

Tools for email marketing - Mailchimp

Nonprofits seeking to streamline email marketing efforts can turn to Mailchimp, a powerful and user-friendly tool. With Mailchimp, organizations can easily create and send professional-looking newsletters, automated campaigns, and targeted outreach to donors and volunteers. The platform offers a range of customizable templates and tracking features, allowing nonprofits to monitor engagement and improve their messaging over time. Mailchimp's easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing make it an accessible choice for nonprofits of all sizes. At the same time, its robust features and integrations enable organizations to maximize the impact of their email communications. To know more about this tool, read here.

iMpower’s way of ensuring continuous learning for children residing in the labor camps of Gurgaon

iMpower, a nonprofit organization, is committed to ensuring continuous learning opportunities for children living in the labor camps of Gurgaon. Through their unique and innovative approach, iMpower has engaged these children in meaningful learning experiences despite challenging living conditions. Their programs provide access to educational resources and promote learning through various mediums, including art, music, and games. By prioritizing education, iMpower empowers these children to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. The organization's efforts are a powerful example of education's impact on vulnerable communities. Read more about this endeavor here.

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Jamtha, India, has received INR550 crore ($74 million) in corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds, including contributions from public sector undertakings from several private companies such as the Adani and Reliance groups. The funds have been collected since 2014 and have helped build the cancer hospital, designed to offer low-cost treatment to cancer patients. The NCI was started in 2017 and has just completed its second phase. Return on investment from a cancer treatment facility has a long gestation period, which can deter private sector investment. CSR-funded hospitals offer a better option, according to Shailesh Joglekar, general secretary of the trust that runs the hospital.

We bring you the latest insights & trends from the world of digital & nonprofits. Stay tuned for the next edition, and read more about our work here.


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