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Edition 42: Utilizing Geofencing Technology, Social Marketing Tool, Empowering Change, Social Development

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome to this week's edition of our newsletter, where we delve into the transformative power of technology in the nonprofit sector. Our trending topic explores the groundbreaking use of geofencing technology to engage donors and volunteers. We also spotlight, a platform revolutionizing business growth through contests and social marketing. In our case study, we highlight the inspirational work of Samvedna in Bhopal, fighting against caste-based exploitation. Finally, we share PepsiCo's philanthropic efforts in Agra, setting a new standard in corporate social responsibility.

Utilizing Geofencing Technology for Enhanced Nonprofit Engagement and Outreach

The article "Geofencing for Nonprofits: Engaging Donors and Volunteers Through Location-Based Strategies" discusses innovative ways nonprofits can use geofencing technology. Geofencing, a location-based service, allows organizations to send targeted messages to people's smartphones based on their geographic location. This technology is particularly useful for nonprofits seeking to engage more effectively with their community, donors, and volunteers. By setting up virtual boundaries in specific areas, nonprofits can trigger notifications, alerts, or specific content directly to a person's phone when they enter or leave a geofenced area. This tool is powerful for event promotions, awareness campaigns, and enhancing engagement in localized initiatives.

For more details, you can read the full article here.

Amplifying Business Growth with Leveraging Contests and Social Marketing Tools offers a suite of apps designed to grow businesses through contests and social marketing. Their tools include competition building, rewards for user actions, responsive content galleries, and email capture forms. These features integrate with various marketing and social apps, allowing businesses to create effective campaigns for email list growth, product sales, audience engagement, and more. Gleam's platform is particularly useful for boosting customer engagement and sales, with a track record of successful campaigns across diverse industries. Their comprehensive approach makes them a valuable tool for businesses seeking growth and outreach.

For more detailed information, please visit

Empowering Change: Samvedna's Fight Against Caste-Based Exploitation in Madhya Pradesh

In the heart of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, the NGO Samvedna combats caste-based sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Their focus is on education, gender equality, protection, and livelihood for marginalized communities. Samvedna, in six districts, engages with over 5000 Bedia children in 60 villages, aiming for systemic change through collaboration with government bodies and NGOs. The story of Niru, Nilu, and Shipra from a small village in Madhya Pradesh highlights Samvedna's impact. Born into a community trapped in intergenerational prostitution, these girls' lives changed through the Udaan program. They excelled academically in a government hostel in Bhopal and secured admission to Banasthali University, becoming the first from their village to do so. Their journey exemplifies overcoming societal norms and inspiring others to dream beyond boundaries.

PepsiCo in Agra: A Benchmark in Corporate Philanthropy and Community Nutrition

PepsiCo's philanthropic initiative in Agra, India, showcases a commitment to community empowerment and nutrition. Collaborating with local stakeholders and nonprofits, PepsiCo delivered over 180,000 nutritious meals to underprivileged communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort extends beyond hunger relief, emphasizing nutrition education and sustainable livelihoods. Recognized nationally, this project underlines PepsiCo's role in fostering a healthier, resilient society, marking a significant step in corporate social responsibility. This endeavor exemplifies how businesses can meaningfully contribute to social welfare, setting a benchmark for corporate philanthropy.


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