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Edition 22: KPIs for Nonprofits, Video Hosting Tools, Combating Anemia & Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Feb 4

Welcome to our newsletter, where we provide valuable insights for nonprofit organizations in the digital space.In this edition, discover the importance of KPIs for Nonprofits, learn about the power of Video Hosting Tools, explore an inspiring case study on combating anemia, and read about Sony Pictures Networks India & Royal Rajasthan Foundation’s project to raise mental health awareness. Elevate your organization's impact and reach in the digital landscape with these resources. Stay tuned for more updates and visit our website at to learn more. Let's make a difference together.

KPIs for Nonprofits

In the world of nonprofit management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are becoming vital tools for tracking progress and success. These measurable metrics offer insights into an organization's progress toward its core objectives and targets. KPIs play a pivotal role at various levels within a nonprofit, aiding in the assessment of both overall performance and department-specific processes. This piece delves into the significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the realm of nonprofit organizations. It explores how nonprofits are increasingly adopting data-driven decision-making through the implementation of KPIs, which serve as measurements for gauging their performance and achievements. 

The KPIs are divided into distinct facets of nonprofit management, encompassing Fundraising, Marketing and Communications, Program Delivery, Human Resources, and Financial KPIs. The article presents a comprehensive list of 20 specific KPIs and metrics that nonprofits can track across each aforementioned category. Through unwavering measurement and insightful analysis, nonprofits can unlock the magic of data, steering them toward amplified impact and triumphant achievements.

SproutVideo - Video Hosting Tool

SproutVideo is an all-encompassing video hosting and marketing platform that transcends conventional boundaries. This expertly engineered solution caters to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals seeking to harness the potential of videos in their ventures. At its core, SproutVideo is more than just a video hosting service; it's a robust suite of features meticulously designed to elevate video content from mere visuals to impactful brand assets. Its customizable video players seamlessly embed within websites, bolstering engagement and viewer experience. With insightful video analytics, users gain a deep understanding of viewer behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making. 

Additionally, this tool offers privacy controls, password protection, and domain restrictions to safeguard sensitive content.For businesses aiming to amplify their marketing efforts, engage audiences, train teams, or communicate seamlessly, SproutVideo emerges as an indispensable ally. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it an essential asset in the digital arsenal of forward-thinking enterprises and individuals alike. Tap into SproutVideo(explore the website) and elevate your visual communication game.


An Initiative To Combat Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls

In a heartening development, the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF) has taken a significant stride in its mission to combat anemia among adolescent girls with the expansion of its pioneering initiative, "Kanya Express." Having already made a commendable impact by addressing anemia in Cuttack and Jajpur districts of Odisha, benefiting nearly 10,000 girls, the initiative is now reaching even further. The mobile health van's reach has extended to an additional 92 villages in the tribal-dominated aspirational district of Therubali, Rayagada. This expansion signifies a remarkable commitment to the health and empowerment of young girls, with Kanya Express conducting essential health check-ups, distributing vital supplements, and imparting invaluable knowledge about overall wellness.

By amplifying awareness about anemia-related health concerns, balanced nutrition, and reproductive rights, this initiative not only enhances immediate health outcomes but also paves the way for improved education and brighter prospects. With its resolute dedication, the BIPF's Kanya Express is fostering positive transformation, empowering the young girls of Odisha to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives, and contributing to a brighter future for the region. Read more about this initiative here.

Sony Pictures Networks India & Royal Rajasthan Foundation encourage women to KhulKeBolo

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) and Royal Rajasthan Foundation (RRF) are ushering in a positive change by joining forces to launch the impactful hashtag#KhulKeBolo campaign, aiming to raise awareness about mental health among women in India. The campaign enlists the support of campaign ambassador Sonali Kulkarni and addresses the mental health challenges faced by women across diverse backgrounds. The launch event witnessed the participation of notable personalities and experts who engaged in discussions around the importance of breaking the silence surrounding mental health.

Recognizing the gender-specific social and economic factors that can affect women's mental well-being in India, the campaign aims to create a safe space for women to open up about their struggles and seek assistance. It also addresses the dearth of mental health professionals and resources, emphasizing the need for accessible support. With partnerships in place, such as the NGO. Read more about this initiative here

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