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Edition 18: Creative Effective Call-to-Actions, Landing Page Tools, Combating Plastic Waste, Climate Funding

Updated: Feb 4

Welcome to our newsletter, where we provide valuable insights for nonprofit organizations in the digital space. In this edition, discover how to create effective Call-to-Actions, learn about the powerful landing page tool Unbounce, explore an inspiring case study on combating plastic waste, and read about India Climate Collaborative’s platform to reshape climate funding. Elevate your organization's impact and reach in the digital landscape with these resources. Stay tuned for more updates and visit our website at to learn more. Let's make a difference together!

Creating Effective Call-to-Actions 

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are statements or prompts that encourage a specific action from the audience. They are typically used to guide users towards completing a desired action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for an event, or donating to a cause. They are designed to be attention-grabbing and persuasive, motivating the audience to take immediate action and engage further with the organization or campaign. A compelling CTA can significantly motivate individuals to take specific actions, such as donating, volunteering, or sharing the NGO's message by appealing to emotions and highlighting the impact of supporters' actions. It creates a sense of purpose and strengthens their connection with the organization's cause. To know more about this, read here.

Unbounce - Landing Page Tool

Unbounce is a  powerful landing page and conversion optimization platform which enables NGOs to create customized, high-impact landing pages with ease. With a user-friendly interface and seamless A/B testing, Unbounce helps nonprofits to engage their audience and drive conversions without the fuss of technical complexities. It streamlines the process of crafting landing pages that make a lasting impact for diverse campaigns, such as donation drives and volunteer recruitment. Check out Unbounce today (visit the website) discover how it can empower your nonprofit organization.

PLTP: “Plastic Lao Thaila/Mask Pao" - Karwaan Mission’s Initiative to Combat Plastic Litter Waste

In a world where plastic pollution is an ever-growing problem, Karwaan Mission is leading the charge in finding sustainable solutions. Their innovative initiative, "Plastic Lao Thaila/Mask Pao (PLTP)" is making waves in the fight against plastic pollution. With the goal of promoting responsible behavior and recycling, this groundbreaking project encourages individuals to exchange their plastic waste for cloth bags and masks. 

The results have been astounding, with over 6,954 participants and a whopping 16,305 kilograms of plastic waste recycled. Not only does this initiative save the environment, but it also helps save 40.27 metric tons of carbon emissions. The initiative's success lies in its ability to create awareness among citizens about the importance of collecting and recycling plastic waste. By engaging with local markets, vendors, and municipal citizen shops, they empower informal sector workers in the process. Read more about this initiative here.

India Climate Collaborative launches Earth Exponential platform to supplement climate funding

India Climate Collaborative (ICC) is reshaping climate funding in India with the launch of their Earth Exponential, an innovative platform aimed at bridging critical funding gaps for home-grown climate solutions in India. The platform connects funders and non-profit organizations to scale up high-impact climate change programs and improve climate funding efficiency. 

Despite the interest from mid-size corporates in funding climate projects, the allocation towards the environment sector remains low at 9.2%. Earth Exponential aims to address this gap by curating, evaluating, and displaying home-grown climate projects, matching them with funders for support and enabling them to scale. Through this platform, funders can now explore, support, and amplify the impact of verified climate projects. Read more about this platform here.

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