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Edition 15: Building Resilient NGOs, Google Suite for Nonprofits, AI Grants for agriculture

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, where we bring you the latest news and trends from the world of digital and nonprofits. In this edition, we explore new funding practices that can help build strong and resilient NGOs in India. We also highlight the benefits of Google Suite for Non-profit Organizations (G4NP) in streamlining operations, share a case study on Wadhwani AI's AI-powered solutions in agriculture, and shed light on ChildFund India's collaboration with the World Childhood Foundation to make communities resilient to cybercrime. Discover valuable insights and inspiration for your nonprofit organization.

Building Strong, Resilient NGOs in India: Time for New Funding Practices

Nonprofits in India have long been facing funding challenges that limit their ability to achieve long-term impact. However, new funding practices are emerging that can help build strong and resilient NGOs in India. In a recent report by Bridgespan, titled "Funding Practices to Build Strong NGOs in India," the authors suggest that nonprofits need to move away from traditional funding practices and instead adopt a "pay-what-it-takes" approach. This approach emphasises the need for funders to provide unrestricted funding, cover indirect costs, and support organisational capacity-building initiatives.

By implementing these new funding practices, nonprofits can create sustainable and impactful organisations that are better equipped to tackle India's most pressing social and environmental challenges. This report serves as a valuable resource for nonprofits in India looking to build stronger, more resilient organisations, and highlights the importance of shifting towards a more sustainable funding model. To know more about this, read here.

Google Suite for non-profit organisations (G4NP)

For nonprofits looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage their day-to-day operations, Google Suite for Non-profit Organisations (G4NP) is an excellent solution. This suite of cloud-based tools offers a range of features designed to help nonprofits collaborate, communicate, and manage their work more effectively. With G4NP, nonprofits can access tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Docs for free, which can help them save time and money on software licences and other expenses. Plus, Google's suite of tools is user-friendly and easy to learn, making it an ideal choice for nonprofits with limited IT resources. Learn more about G4NP (read here) and how it can benefit your nonprofit today.

Wadhwani AI gets grant to build AI solutions in agriculture

We are excited to share that Wadhwani AI, an Indian nonprofit organisation dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for social good, has been awarded a grant from to develop AI-powered solutions for agriculture. With the aim of improving crop yields, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency, the project will focus on developing AI models that can analyse crop patterns and provide recommendations for farmers to optimise their harvests. By harnessing the power of AI, Wadhwani AI hopes to address some of the most pressing challenges facing farmers in India and around the world, helping to create more sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. We congratulate Wadhwani AI on this well-deserved grant and look forward to seeing the positive impact that their innovative AI solutions will have on the agricultural sector. Learn more about this project here.

In Collaboration with WCF, ChildFund India aims to make communities resilient of cybercrime

ChildFund India, in collaboration with the World Childhood Foundation (WCF), is taking action to help make communities more resilient to cybercrime. With the growing threat of cybercrime in India, ChildFund India is leveraging its expertise in child protection and digital literacy to provide training and awareness-raising programs to communities across the country. The initiative aims to educate children, parents, and caregivers on how to stay safe online and protect themselves against online predators and cyberbullying. Through this collaboration, ChildFund India is making a significant contribution to building more resilient communities and creating a safer online environment for all. Read more about this initiative here.

We bring you the latest insights & trends from the world of digital & nonprofits. Stay tuned for the next edition, and read more about our work here:


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