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Growing online donations for a nonprofit organization

If you’re looking for ways to grow online donations, you should be utilizing social media. With a majority of users' online presence on social media, it's essential to optimize your presence on this platform for both acquisition and retention.

Not only does social media allow you to attract new donors, but you can also interact with interested users in real-time to address queries, and build affinity for your organization.

If your nonprofit is on social media or is planning to get online, here are some tips to build a following, and raise awareness for your cause :


Campaigns need to evoke emotions & be succinct to engage your audience and incentivize support. Your messaging should inspire, educate and move your audience to action.

Did you know that UNICEF uses Facebook Stories to attract a large audience?

There are several strategies that can be deployed to run a successful campaign and continue to draw in new and old followers, support, and convey the mission statement while attracting consistent donations.

Donations are seasonal, so capitalizing on current events and holidays is crucial.

Daan Utsav, earlier known as Joy of Giving week, which is celebrated in the month of October is a single uniform campaign leveraged by different organizations across India.

It starts on Oct 2 on Gandhi Jayanti and attracts more and more donors every year, who are involved in making contributions to society in different capacities. The campaign has built such a strong following that it has become synonymous with any act of giving across the year.

Plan campaigns to maximize donors in such time periods and drive impact.


Donors like to feel connected to and follow the journey of their donation. The key is to know your donor audience and learn how to motivate them through data-related insights that emerge over time.

Donors receive positive reinforcement through a variety of initiatives such as gift matching, public and or online recognition of the donor, sharing brand or event merchandise with them, or offering memberships and additional insights.

Give India - a Bengaluru based NGO, launches GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge #GFC in the last two months of the financial year. The end of year tax saving incentive appeals to donors along with other incentives like success slabs where early donations received monetary benefits.

Alternatively, Indian fundraising websites like Ketto and Milaap share the detailed story behind a fundraiser and attach all relevant documents. Donors get a chance to feature on the website with their name and amount, and may also feature as top donors. This recognition on websites and also sharing on social media acts as an incentive for donors.


To increase online donations, it is important to make the donor’s experience seamless. This is where it helps to create an Instant Donation Page. These pages work towards directing your visitors & potential donors directly to a donation form without the hassle of first navigating tabs through your website/mobile site/app.

These pages need to be succinct, with a few sentences that elaborate on your mission statement and your appeal. An optimized donation form is a must for online fundraising but it must also be accompanied by your website having mobile-friendly UI, easy-to-follow links, streamlined design, and clear, concise text.


In a world overflowing with text, it is important to utilize images and videos to garner more attention and generate more money for your cause. Using images and videos helps convey to donors the impact of the money being donated while reinforcing positive sentiment.

Images and videos can help make your fundraising appeal more emotional. Studies have shown that individuals process images about 60,000 times faster than text. Furthermore, relevant images boost your post's view count by great degree. To get the most impact from your images, try to incorporate a message that resonates with donors. If it's about a cause that inspires them, consider using images that show the impact that your work has on those who have been impacted.


LinkedIn's InMail and Introductions feature helps nonprofits connect with potential donors and create relationships with them.

Using this feature you can message anyone on Linkedin. Your recipient could be someone that you aren’t connected to, such as a business decision maker or a philanthropist. It is a highly effective way to market your brand while targeting a relevant audience.


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